An Interview with Valentino

The benefits of having a healthy scalp

The benefits of scalp massage and his motivation behind making the brushes

Why did you decide to design and make the Valentino brushes?

It started from working with my father and seeing that all the old hair styles that he had to deal with before the time of modern day hair products. In those days a lot of work was done to the scalp such as friction massage, head massage and working the neck. Scalp massage was vitally important and if he (the hairdresser) didn’t do it no one would.

Over the subsequent years I have realised that fashion has created a lot of problems for hair by ignoring the scalp and focusing on styling hair with products. Current hairstyling practices mean most people are brushing their hair every day and yet they are not receiving much benefit from it in terms of the health of their hair.

So I decided to see if we could create a brush that mimics massaging fingers and helps people to have better hair just by using it.

Why is scalp massage so important?

Scalp massage is vital to having healthy hair. Having studied trichology and seeing the various ailments that can affect people's hair, once you start to study the scalp and see what modern day hair treatments do to it you realise that many people's hair is deteriorating because of the products they are adding to their head without regenerating hair and the scalp through massage.

Scalp massage, when done regularly, has so many benefits that my clients are always asking for. It increases blood circulation, which helps to lubricate and condition your scalp, strengthening roots, spreading the natural oils of your hair, increasing resilience, replenishing and rejuvenating. All of which serves as the best way to stop dandruff, dry flaky hair and promotes strong natural hair growth.

Valentino's handmade wooden brushes with rounded wooden pins

So how did you come up with the current brush versions?

The design was key.

We needed a pin that could replicate what my father would do with his fingers to massage the scalp. After many attempts and failed versions we finally came up with the current version that leaves a really nice tingle when you use it.

For me, it was important that the handle of the brush fitted in your hand and felt like an extension of it to allow you to really massage your scalp.

Lastly, it needed a natural and antistatic rubber to hold the pins to the brush. One which can stand all the various elements thrown at it when styling hair and doesn't heat up or have any effect on your hair when using it.

If we could get all that into a brush then we would be on to a winning formula!


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