Why does my scalp itch?

Itchy Scalp Relief for women and men

We've all been there, you are carrying something fragile with both hands that could fall at any second and then your head starts itch, that "EVERYONE STOP EVERYTHING AND HELP ME" feeling that only a good hard and fast scratch will blissfully remedy...

One-off itches are normal and our skin's way of self regulating itself, but what if it's a more regular occurrence? A constantly itchy scalp, known officially as scalp pruritus, is something that around 50% of us will experience at some point in our lives but can be difficult to diagnose given how many potential causes there are. It's similar to asking why your knee is sore or why you have a headache. So let's have a look at some of the causes of itchiness and some potential cures.

Common Causes of an Itchy Head/Scalp

Head Lice 

Everyone who has been to school knows those itchy tiny grey-brown insects that live only on human scalps and necks. Transferred from head to head (hair cleanliness makes no difference), most commonly at school age, they are normally treated with a clinical shampoo.


Dandruff is a whole subject in itself and one we will deal with at length in a future blog post. It is often caused by ailments such as scalp psoriasis, contact psoriasis, ringworm or eczema. A lot of the time is caused by blocked pores, dry skin and/or haircare products that cause your scalp not to self-regulate itself.

Too Much or The Wrong Hair Products



Allergic Reaction




Best Cures for an Itchy Scalp

Not to quote the usual line, but clearly prevention is the greatest cure in this instance. A well maintained scalp is vital in the fight against so many of our scalp ailments, from dandruff to hair loss and in this case, an itchy scalp. We recommend a combination of a solid daily routine of scalp maintenance and regular washing with our shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

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Is an itchy scalp linked with hair loss?

People can often experience both an itchy scalp and hair loss, which suggests that these issues may have a common cause or that one may cause the other. The good news is that your scalp is incredibly reactive and normally if the underlying issue is resolved your hair will grow back. That said, the two can occur independently, so don't assume your hair will fall out necessarily if you have an itchy scalp.

Stress, allergic reactions to hair products, and inflamed hair follicles can cause the scalp to itch and also damage hair follicles, leading to hair loss.
In other cases, scarring on the scalp can cause severe itching coz scar tissue can damage the nerve fibers in the skin. If a person's hair loss has led to the formation of scar tissue, this may be causing the itching.
When a person scratche an itchy scalp repeatedly or aggressively, they can damage their skin and hair follicles. This damage can result in temporary hair loss, bleeding, and scabbing from the scratching. Once the scratching stops, the hair will usually grow back!

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