Balance Conditioner

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For stronger, fuller, softer hair.


Our Balance Conditioner uses bergamot, sweet almond and grape seed oils, as well as aloe extracts to:

  • Maintain a healthy scalp thanks to naturally occurring anti-microbial, antiseptic and disinfectant ingredients
  • Calm frizzy and unruly hair
  • Moisturise and conditions hair without leaving it heavy
  • Enhance blood circulation promoting hair growth
  • Control hair loss by treating your hair and scalp with magnesium, calcium and zinc, and blocking the production of hormones that cause hair loss
  • Create natural shine and prevent breakages and split ends by strengthening your hair from within

Balancing scalp PH is critical when dealing with various chronic conditions including hair loss and a dry, flaky scalp. Human hair and sebum have a pH of between 4.5 and 5.0. The natural acidity prevents fungi and bacteria building up in the hair, leaving the cuticle closed and healthy.

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