Oval Mind Brush

£50.00 GBP

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Developed as part of our holistic range of products, the eco-friendly Mind Brush gently massages your scalp, releasing tension and improving circulation. Even very sensitive scalps are stimulated to produce optimal conditions for maximising hair growth and reducing dryness.

Each brush is handmade from the finest quality teak wood with rounded maple pins that strengthen hair follicles while evenly distributing natural sebum oils leaving your hair smooth, silky and soft. Securely held by the antistatic natural rubber base which gives a cushioned feel, frizz is controlled and straightened hair remains so.

No harsh scratching and easy to clean, our brushes harness the hypoallergenic qualities of natural wood. The ergonomic design of the easy to hold handle means tangles are easily brushed out without pulling out hair or causing breakages, even when wet.

Looked after carefully, this brush will last a lifetime.

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