About Us

Valentino is a renowned hairdresser of Italian origin who has operated from his Kensington salon in London since 1972. He is a master of his craft and adopts a holistic approach to hair care, aesthetics and general well-being.
In 1990 Valentino developed his signature wooden styling brush - ‘The Mind Brush’. He aimed to bring consciousness to the importance of maintaining healthy hair via regular brushing.
The popular selling brush was remodelled in 2018 to coincide with the launch of our haircare range and the refurbishment of our state-of-the-art salon.

Valentino - Our founder at our Valentino London salon in KensingtonValentino at our London salon


Our Philosophy

We do not subscribe to popular notions of beauty that leave individuals feeling disempowered or pressured to attain a certain look.  Our mission is to unlock and enhance the natural beauty that lies within to reveal an authentic look that empowers you in every aspect of your life.


Brushes & Haircare

To achieve our very high standards, base ingredients, superior to those readily available on the market, were sourced and tested extensively in the Valentino Kensington salon. The excellent results produced in-house, and the popularity of the products amongst our loyal clientele, drove the range to market and Valentino invites everyone to use his Brush and Wash regime to achieve healthy, natural hair with shine and vitality.